Temple of ancient Egyptian religion


Prayer to Isis

Nehes, nehes, nehes

Nehes em hotep

Nehes em neferu

Nebet hotepet

Weben em hotep

Weben em neferu

Nugjert en Ankh,

Nefer em pet!

Pet em hotep

Ta em hotep

Nugjert sat Nut

Sat Geb, Merit Ausar,

Nutjert asha renu!

Anekh hrak

Anekh hrak

Tu a atu

Tu a atu

Nebet Aset.

“Taken from the book Mysteries of Isis by DeTraci Regula”

Gold winged Isis

Beloved Goddess Isis – Goddess of 10 000 names. Daughter of Nut and Geb. Sister and wife of Usir. Sister and twin of Nebthys and Seth. Younger sister of Ra who knows Ra´s secret name. Aunt of Anubis. Mother of Horus.Goddess with so many beautiful gifts born on the beautiful day of  30th of July with star Sirius as her guide in the sky. Isis is a great healer, Goddess of the sea, Goddess of the war, dancing Goddess, Goddess of love, Goddess midwife and a Mother, Goddess of dreams, Goddess of mysteries, Goddess who can access Nether World through her dreams, Goddess of Stars, Goddess of Alchemy, Goddess of Divination… 10 000 names it really is… and we would be here long before naming them all.

Main place of worship of beautiful Isis was in Philae Egypt. Beautiful temple on one of the islands of river Nile. Place of peace love and sisterhood.

Name Isis was given to this beautiful Egyptian Goddess by Greeks and Romans. Her Egyptian name is Eset or Aset. Eset is the most well-known Goddess of antient Egypt. Hieroglyphic and other texts mention her more than any other Goddess. She also was the Goddess worshipped the longest time.  First known evidence of her cult dates back to 4000 BC  and the last known evidence of her cult dates back to the 500 AD. She was actively worshipped by the many nations for more than 4500 years. Egyptian Eset represented the most beautiful and honoured qualities of a woman such as nobility and beauty, marital love and loyalty even after death, motherly care and solicitude towards children. She also has possessed vast magical powers she used only for good and to defend justice. She was the Goddess filled with humanity and there for the greatest of Goddesses.

It is not known where Eset first appeared in Egypt. But Egyptologist believe that her original home was the city of Pihebit between Semenud and Mansur called Isaion or Iseum in Greco-Roman times. There are only ruins of Behbét el-Hagar left of original city.

Eset´s name means “the throne”.

You can also read more about Eset on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isis

Recommended reading:

Isis Magic by M. Isidora Forrest

Mysteries of Isis by DeTraci Regula

Isis in the Ancient World by R. E. Witt

Book of the Dead: Awakening Osiris: Egyptian Book of the Dead by E. Normandi

The Passion of Isis and Osiris by Jean Houston

We will be writing more about beautiful Isis on this page soon.


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