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Goddess Isis is an Egyptian Goddess of thousand names. She was worshipped all over ancient Egypt and her worship has spread also to Greece. Name Isis is a Greek version of name of this Goddess. Her name in Egyptian would sound more like Iset (Ee-set) or Eset (Eh-set).  Translation of Her name would be „the throne“. She also was depicted with the throne as her crown. Although Eset was associated with the king I believe her name isn’t about the seat of power but has much deeper meaning. The throne is only a symbol of true power and sovereignty. It is an inner state of being represented by the independence freedom kindness caring love and nurturing. Goddess Eset was and still remains to be Goddess mother with many talents powers and gifts and that is the reason why Eset was called Goddess of thousand names. The throne of power also represents everything that transcendence to death. Her husband and also twin brother Osiris is a ruler of the underworld where she travels every night to be with him through the magic of dream trans. Through this association she also represents the power that transcendence life and death the power that remains with us when we die. The symbol of heart has been very important for Egyptians. They even mummified it separately from the rest of the body. It represented everything pure of the person. Eset represents the purity and power of heart. Heart is a portal and vessel for all love and true sovereignty. Goddess Eset was a daughter of Nut (Goddess of sky) and Geb (God of Earth) she was one of quadruplets. According to myth Eset has spent eternity in womb of Nut with her three siblings Goddess Nebthys God Osiris and God Set because their older brother Re felt threatened by new siblings and feared they would take his throne. He separated his parents Goddess Nut and God Geb and created the space between them where Earth now is. He refused to let Nut to give birth to his siblings in his time. All thunder and storms and violent winds are the birth pains of Nut who had to carry her children for eons. Eset and her siblings have grown up to adulthood in Nut’s womb. God Set grew angry and bitter because of what was happening. Eventually God Re has lost five days when he played dice with his brother Thovt. Thovt has agreed to give those five days back to him if he let Nut to give birth to her children. Those five days are called Epagomenal days at the end of July when annual floods come. The floodwaters of the Nile represent the broken waters of Nut when she was giving birth to her children. Each day one of her children was born. Eset was born on fourth Epagomenal day 30th of July. The weather was beautiful sun was shining and huge bright star Sirius was shining brightly in the sky that day. Eset’s birthday was celebrated by dancing singing and dramatic plays in her beautiful temple at Philae. It also was celebrated as a form of a festival when her boat Isisi Navigium was carried around. Priestesses and priests also threw golden coins they made themselves and other golden items in Nile waters during the festivities. Another very important festival is called Night of Eset’s Tears. It is night when Eset mourned the loss of her husband Osiris. Osiris was killed by his brother Set. This night was celebrated on 14th of June. Muslims celebrate this night to this day and they call it Letat Al Nuktah. Women put pieces of dough outside over night. Each piece represents one member of the family. If the dough has cracks in it in the morning the member of the family will be healthy and well. If it doesn’t it is considered to be a bad omen.

Another wonderful celebration dedicated to Eset was happening on 7th of October where her statue or her most precious picture was carried from one temple to another. The journey was carefully planned and priestesses and priests offered fortune telling on the way to the temple.

Goddess Eset was associated with many symbols. Her main symbols would be a Tjet also known as “Buckle of Isis” or “Blood of Isis” and star Sirius. Tjet could have been connected to woman’s sanitary cloth that would explain its connection to blood or it represented the magic of the knot. Goddess Eset was among other 10 000 things a wonderful magician. Tjet also represented resurrection and rebirth and was used in funerary rites. Eset was also matron of many things to name at least few it would be midwifery alchemy magic dreams divination love healing dancing singing and night sky in connection to star Sirius.

Main place of worship of Eset was in Philae beautiful temple on an island on the river Nile in Egypt.

All myths of Eset represent the different aspects of life. I believe that Nebthys Eset’s sister is Eset’s mirror and shows how talents and all that we develop is very much dependent on conditions of life we choose for ourselves. I think her myths also show the journey to sovereignty the behavior one should adopt to get to the point of being independent loving and caring… true priestess. Goddess Eset never gives up in Her myths even though her misfortunes are great and ordeals considerable. She fights to succeed protects her son Horus. She freely shows her grief her love her tears her wrath and her happiness. Eset truly is an inspiration for all women who worship her. To me she represents sovereignty and what it actually means to be sovereign… what it means to be a strong woman in all her glory what it means to be her priestess. Eset was highly regarded valued and worshiped not only in Egypt but also in Greece and other parts of the world. Her worship has survived to this day in many parts of the world.



So many times I have wondered about the magical words I chant each and every morning with the sunrise.

Nehes, nehes, nehes

Nehes em hotep

Nehes em neferu

nebet hotepet

Weben em hotep

Weben em neferu

Nutjert en Ankh,

Nefer em pet!

Pet em hotep

Ta em hotep

Nutjert sat Nut

Sat Geb, Merit Ausar,

Nutjert asha renu!

Anekh hrak

Anekh hrak

Tu a atu

Tu a atu

Nebet Aset.

So many times their magic has transformed my perception and woke me up. My days are different when I consciously recite these magical words of awakening. I remember the first time I have noticed that I recite these words at the exact time of dawn out of sleep. We were traveling to Greece by bus and first rays of sun light have touched my face. I was waking up and I have noticed that I recite these words. I couldn’t stop. I joined my priestess self and joined in chanting consciously watching the sun to rise above horizon and flooding me with beautiful life energy I needed so much after tiring journey. Everything fell away and my spirit my mind my heart and body were rejuvenated… renewed with new energy. I was surprised at power of the chant. I was entranced by this experience. Watching my wise self taking over. I didn’t fight it. I let Goddess within me to overtake me completely. I marveled at the beauty of the morning of the light and the horizon with the see as we travelled through the Greek mountains to our destination. This experience fueled me. Gave me something profound I couldn’t put into words for so many years.

I have started reading a new book I have bought recently. Feasts of Light by Normandi Ellis. I took the book out of my library with single intention – to learn more about festivals I want to devote to each and every day of my life. I am resolved to incorporate the rituals and festivals of ancient Egyptians to my life… to be performed by Temple of Alexandria. I still feel inadequacy and fear. Will I be able to perform the duties of Priestess? Am I really good enough? My fears aren’t crippling anymore thanks to Avalonian Thealogical Seminary and the work I have undertaken there during the last year. The fears are still there but they have transformed into allies on my journey prompting me to study and to undertake my work as well as I can. My heart is in my work and it burns with renewed passion for my Egyptian path.

I know this will be transforming experience of discovery for me. The first page has spoken to me… so early in my reading… it resonated within me the old question and there was the moment when I suddenly realized the answer. Who or what do I really awake with my daily morning chant? My ka travels through the body of Goddess Nut each night. Through the underworld where I battle my own demons. Where I am facing all my emotions and experiences to be born renewed each morning. What do I recite in the chant? Rise in silence, rise in peace… Yes, I am awakening some part of me… my true self… purified and peaceful. Nutjert en Ankh – Goddess of Life. Are truly the letters of ANKH representations of each of Ogdoad? Amon, Amaunet for A, Nun, Naunet for N, Kek Kauket for K and Heh and Hauhet for H? Yes… yes… it must be so. Ogdoad the eight elements of creation and Life being the fifth element. It must be so. All my energy is renewed when I utter Nutjert en Ankh. The inner big bang is happening in my heart supplying my being with renewed creation and regeneration… with precious life energy! This alone is enough but there is more. Lots more.

What really happens when I say Nutjert sat Nut. I am a daughter of Nut. Nut swallows sun each night and through her body He travels at night and is born again each morning. I am reminded that I go through the underworld each and every night and am being born again purified each morning. My dreams are memories of my journey. Sometimes I need to remember them to interpret them and sometimes it is enough to live them. My dreams are showing me my shadows and my demons. They take me on the journey where I renew myself through the dedication to understanding myself healing myself to be wiser and renewed. God Re travels each night through the body of Nut. Not even Gods are ignorant to shadow. Even Re rediscovers his power and is regenerated by each of his journeys. Because healing the shadows brings regeneration and eternity. It brings wisdom and love. It brings knowledge and wisdom.

Sat Geb – the God of Earth… my body that has been entrusted to me to take care of and nourish… to house my spirit. My body is regenerated by food water sleep and my spirit. My spirit and my body are ruled by Maat – the Goddess of balance and harmony because between Nut and Geb Maat rules. There must be balance because disease and horrible thoughts come when Maat is disturbed by wrong choice of food lack of water or sleep or horrible thoughts and trauma. This gives me hope that all can be restored with proper care.

Merit Ausar – I am smiling at this point… 😀 Eset within me is married to Osiris – God of harvest and also underworld. Osiris gives me profound connection to underworld. Because like Isis I enter the underworld through my dreams and dream trances. My love to my husband Osiris carries me to him each night. The heart is a gateway to Underworld… the gateway to our shadows. Our emotions are the only true gate to the truth. Our emotions don’t lie. They tell us even things we refuse to acknowledge even to ourselves. They are there whether we listen to them or not. Our heart is a gateway of our transformation and emotions are the language it speaks. It is universal language. Language of the truth of Maat.

Eset is a Goddess of thousand names and so is each and every one  us for it is only our mind that sets borders of what we can accomplish create and who we are.

I basically remind myself each morning that I am much more than I let myself believe more than I can imagine. I have only vague idea of who I am and what I can do. This actually frees me from the prison of my beliefs and perception. I can believe in myself because the possibilities of who I can be and what I can accomplish are a mystery hidden in my heart. That is the reason why acknowledging our emotions and how we feel is so important in the process of transformation.

It is only natural that ancient Egyptians put so much importance to our heart the center of our emotions the gateway to the Underworld to our true self if we take into consideration all that has been said here. It is only natural that our heart deserves to be mummified separately… purified in the process and put back into the body. We can’t enter the Underworld without our heart! Which leads me to the concept of Anubis’s scales and weighing of heart of diseased. If we poison our hearts with horrible emotions and horrible thoughts it is beyond repair and the gate to the underworld is closed to us forever. We basically barricade our entrance to eternity and regeneration of our spirit mind and body. We can not discover ourselves… we are forever damned to be only a fraction of who we can become. But this is a material for another blog post… 🙂

Evening Prayer to Isis

I would like to share Evening Prayer to Goddess Isis that was found in Pyramid of Unas in Giza.

Hail Isis, glorious Goddess,
Day is done
and the night is come,
the sun is set
and the stars emerge.
This is the Evening Rite,
the rite to end
the day of light.
Let your instrument sound
hailing You with all homage,
Isis, glorious Goddess.
To the candlewick the fire I raise on the altar set to You,
Isis, glorious Goddess,
And the nightime incense rises, sweetly mixed,
to put me in the mind of perceiving You,
Isis, glorious Goddess
Who rises behind me like a flame of gold
and brushes my back with deft wings.
I make open the nape of my neck to You.
Let Your portal welcome You,
O Isis, Great and glorious Goddess.
Up my hands rise and hold the curved bow of exaltation,
And rise once more to the sharp angle of invocation.
Come, oh great and glorious Goddess,
Come in the fullness of force and love,
let Your garment for a moment clothe You,
O Isis, Goddess great and glorious.


New methods of spotting the ancient life

Sarah Parcak of the University of Alabama has spotted 17 pyramids, more than 1,000 tombs, and 3,000 ancient settlements using infra-red satellite images of Egypt. Test excavations have confirmed the presence of two of the pyramids. “It allows us to be more focused and selective in the work we do. Faced with a massive site, you don’t know where to start,” she said. This video clip shows the pattern of streets and houses revealed by the infra-red satellite images.

You can read more here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-13522957


Energy of Isis from Egypt

Tomorrow I will be on Egyptian soil. I am very excited and will probably squeal of joy and excitement kissing the ground… lol… I will be sending out a lot of energy of Isis to all who visit these pages… 🙂

If you feel the energy just leave us a note here… 🙂

Welcome to Iseum Temple of Alexandria

Welcome to new blog of Iseum Temple of Alexandria. We are newly established Iseum created by Ujad Amaunet (Rev. Iveta Andromeda Woodova). We will be offering many services including seminars and correspondence courses to help you become more in touch with Goddess Isis. We also plan to go much deeper into Ogdoad magic and explore many beautiful techniques and ways to get in touch with Ogdoad´s antient magic of creation.We also plan to give more in-depth details about Goddess Bast, God Amon and God Anubis.

Goddess Bast

However, there is a lot to do and so please be patient with us.

May Isis enlighten your days!